Thorns and Claws, amongst other things. - Kal Durin - Introduction to the World. (2024)

“I'm the biggest in a pack of runts, so, I think that's worth something.” — Kal

Kal Durin


22 years old

-- Warning for topics of Bullying (and possible ego death). --

Kal Durin is a character of internal conflict, one that constantly fights to show it's the top of its class. Kal Durin is far too much to deal with for most, his words are always laced with layers of dripping sarcasm. His claws are always honed with the thought of piercing. Kal's face smirking down even the most vicious of foes, unemotional and constantly on the mark with a facetious comment. That, in all, fulfills the facade of the cat, Kal Durin.

Of course, there is more to him than what meets the eye. He was the runt of his own people, despite the lie he constantly pedals of being the top cat. His family, although empathetic, always did talk down his strengths and talents. He grew up with the sense of empathy that most of his peers ended up not upholding. He resented the thrill of the fight, the rush of blood trickling from his wounded body. It irked him, the violence grossed him out. At least it did when he was younger. So what changed?

There was a constant string of bullying that came from the people around him. Not from his family, of course. They tried their best to defend the poor guy, but the neighbouring Pokémon were the ones that were ruthless with their thoughts on him. He was suggested to be a fraud, a coward, all by the way he was made. He was bullied for the way he expressed himself, the way he defended himself. Eventually, it got to a breaking point in his later years. Some would call it a sort of ego death, no one exactly knows what occurred, other than that… he snapped.

Kal came out with a constant grin on his face one day. His face unmovingly passive, although it was stuck in a snarky facial pose. He gained a poison laced tongue, in the sense that he began tearing apart everyone else around him with his verbal abuse. The venomous messages he was bombarded with came back with plenty of malice. Kal Durin was completely remade after that, although many Pokémon are uncertain whether any remnants of his former self are still present in the vengeful feline. It seems unlikely, with how drastic the change was.

“Ah, so you're the pathetic sod they sent?” — Kal

Type: Dark

Ability: Rattled

Moves: Thief, Fake Out, Growl, Bite

Kal fights dirty, not that he isn't transparent about it. The combination of trash talking and general tomfoolery makes it quite apparent that in a fight, he doesn't quite take things seriously. His move set is made for either taking, or putting people into a split second of confusion before he flees. Kal, in truth, is still quite bad in head-to-head combat with a confident opponent. Luckily, he knows that choosing his fights is the best. He will look for the weakest looking enemy if he truly is craving a fight, and then pick on them. Kal also met his partner Pokémon through an ill-fated duel. The two constantly argue about who won that fight, Kal stating that he won while King insists that he is, in fact, the true winner. To this day, it is unconfirmed who won that first brawl.

"King means nothing to me-- I mean really, look at him! He's pathetic." - Kal

Kal and King's relationship is one that, while tense, seems to be growing towards heartwarming. Both started off as cruel people, each craving to bring someone else down a peg or two. How it has ended up was quite a shock, with King opening up to Kal. King helps with most mission, coaxing Kal into them in hopes that he eventually grows to return to his old self. King has only heard bits and pieces about Kal's past, despite that, King still seems to hold out hope that his friend is truly softer on the inside. Kal himself will never admit his true feelings on his best friend, constantly stating that the two are only there for business purposes. That they only banded together for the sake of solving problems together. Both of them say that they need to grow stronger, in order to return to their old homes. If that happens is left up in the air.

Other than that, Kal has met few others. He is seclusive, often insulting those who attempt to reach deeper into what he is. Whether that is entirely out of malice or if there's a bit of self-defence hidden beneath that violent temperament is up to the beholder. Kal would never tell you.

Thorns and Claws, amongst other things. - Kal Durin - Introduction to the World. (2024)
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