Summary of The Hindu 19th APRIL 2024 (2024)

India votes from today ;102 LS seats in contention

·In the first phase of electionsvoting will be held for all 39 Lok Sabha seats on TamilNadu as well as inRajsthan , MP and UP

·Overall 16.63 crore voters wouldexercise their franchise in phase 1 .

Impossible to tamper with EVMs at , ‘ any stage ‘ , EC saysin SC

·It was second consecutive day forhearing on a petition on concerns on EVMs . The Petitioner are demanding areturning back to EVMs and matching all the VVPAT

·Election Commission on Thursdaysaid in Supreme Court that it was impossible to tamper with Electronics VotingMachines ( EVMs) .” at any stage “ .

EC Response :

·The EC said that there have been41,629 instances of random verification till date .

·Over four crore VVPAT slips werematched till date . There was not a single instance of mismatch .

·On manual use of VVPAT , EC saidthat it would tell whole hour to manually count the VVPAT slips of singlepolling station .

·“ On an average 1000 VVPAT slipsare required to be counted per polling station ….

·Manual counting of VVPAT wascumbersome at every step and process can not be expedited or hurried “ .

·The court has reserved itsjudgement .

Reports of EVM errors false : EC

·The election commission said inSupreme Court that reports that four EVMs erroneously logged into the votes forBJP during the mock poll held in Kerala was false .

·The state electoral commission ofKerala said that additional VVPAT slips released by VVPAT machines during amock poll led to confusion .

Sugar content on Nestle baby food sold in India

·Nestle’s baby and foodproducts sold in India and well asAfrica and Latin American countries have higher sugar content , on comparisonwith similar products sold in European Unionmarket , according to recently released data of an Swiss NGO public eye andBaby Food Action Network .

·FSSAI who have ensures such standard in India said that itwill investigate into it.

·It was found after testing of 150products of Nestle that 15 cerelac products , for six month old babies , whichare sold with without added sugar in UK and Germany , contained 2.7 gram addedsugar as per serving in India .

·WHO recommends against added sugarin food products meant for babies below age 3 .

·However a Nestle Indiaspokesperson , said that reducing sugar content was companies priority and inlast five years it has reduced 30 % of Sugar .

·Nestle is a Swiss company whichmanufactured product related to food and drink processes .

One crew member of ship seized by Iran returns home

·One of 17 Indian sailors aboardthe ship , MSC Aries that was detained by Iranian authorities last weekend havereturned home in Kerala ,

·The MEA has said .

·The ship is at the shore and thecrew members on board ship . The 17 Indian crew members has not been detained .

·After efforts by EAM S Jaishankar and Indianembassy in Tehran , Iran allowed the release of one female crew and permissionfor remaining 16 to contact their families .

·The Israel owned ship was seizedby Iran on April 13 . Later Iran struck Israel with drones and missiles .

India should condemn Israel actions in Gaza : Iran envoy

·Iran’s ambassador to India , Iran Elahi intalk with The Hindu said that Iranhas kept India fully briefed about air attack on Israel on April 13 , and itsmain objective had been achieved .

·On Israel Gaza issue he said thatIndia could play a big role in stopping the war in Gaza.

·On question of Chabhar port , he saidthat the project was going well and soon a good news is expected to be.Delivered .

Srinagar likely to be tagged as World Craft City from India .

·The World Craft Council International (WCCI ), a Kuwait based organisation has picked Srinagar for its nomination in thelist of World Craft City ( WCC ) . The result will be announced two monthslater .


Iran says US , it does not seek any ‘ expansion of tension ‘ in region

·Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossaein Amir Abdullahain is in New York toparticipate in UN Security Council Meeting .

·In a video posted he said thatIran had informed US that it doesnt want tension in the region .

·He said that Iran had informed USabout the attack “ before and after “ launching its attack on Israel .

·Iran’s President “ Ebrahim Raisi “has warned of “ fierce and further response “ to further “ aggression “ byIsrael

Ukraine says it hit Russian air field in annexed Crimea

·Ukraine on Wednesday launched anair attack on Dzhankoi military airfield in Crimea . It added that number ofAircraft being damaged in the attack was being clarified .

·But the attackseriously damaged four missile launchers , three radar stationsand other equipments , Ukrainian military spy agency said on Thursday .

Indonesia evacuated thousands after volacano erupts ,raises Tsunami threat

·A volcano in Indonesia erupted five times inIndonesia , pushing the authorities to close a nearby air force and issue awarning about fallng debris that could lead to cause Tsunami .

·Mount Ruang’s lava crater flamedwith flaned with lava , pushing ash column more than miles into sky and forcingauthorities to raise its alert level .

·More than 11,000 people have beenevacuated from the area .

BurkinoFaso expels French Diplomats over’ submwrsive activities “..

Summary of The Hindu 19th APRIL 2024 (2024)


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The Hindu Digital access is the subscription to get unlimited access to all content available on on the Web, on desktop and mobile and via Mobile apps available on play store and App Store.

Who is the current editor of The Hindu? ›

Suresh Nambath

What is the cost of Hindu newspaper in Delhi? ›

What is the cost of a Hindu newspaper? The Hindu newspaper costs range about Rs. 8 to Rs. 15 depending on the city and the day, if you buy them individually.

Which edition of The Hindu is best for UPSC? ›

The edition hardly matters as The Hindu is renowned national daily and covers all the relevant news, debates, events & editorials. However there are considerations for Delhi edition on account of UPSC preparation. But again for UPSC, issues are important not the news.

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For only Rs. 1199. use promo code CLEARIAS to enjoy 1-year unlimited access to The Hindu epaper and Frontline digital. Unlimited access to The Hindu epaper is included in The Hindu e-paper package.

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Staying updated on the news is an indispensable part of life. That is why, The Hindu news app is free for our readers. You can always choose to become a subscriber and enjoy a lot more features and content. Know about our payment plans in the 'Subscribe' section of the app.

Who is the founder of the Hindu religion? ›

Hinduism is also known as Sanatana dharma meaning “immemorial way of right living”. Hinduism is the oldest and most complex of all established belief systems, with origins that date back more than 5000 years in India. There is no known prophet or single founder of Hinduism.

Who founded the Hindu? ›

'The Hindu' was founded in the year 1878 by G. Subramania Iyer in Madas. This was a newspaper that was published in the British India.

Who is Mariam Ram? ›

Mariam Ram is presently the managing director of TNQ Books and Journals, that she founded in Chennai in 1998. The company does editing, pagination and design for scientific, technical and medical publishers of the US, the UK and the European Union.

Who owns The Hindu newspaper in India? ›

The Hindu Newspaper is published by THG Publishing Private Limited. 52.04% of THG Publishing Private Limited is owned by Kasturi & Sons Limited. The remaining 47.96% shares of THG Publishing Private Limited is split among among G. Narasimhan, G.

Which is the most expensive newspaper in Delhi? ›

The Times of India and The Hindustan are the most expensive newspaper here in Delhi region coz they are not worth for money. Even though the price of The Hindu is higher but it do provides really good stuff and particularly the Ad corners are smaller than others in the business.

Why newspaper is so cheap in India? ›

The Indian newspapers are among the cheapest in the world. The publishers don't pass onto the production cost to the readers. Instead they generate advertising to cover the production costs. To give an example, the cost of a 28-page newspaper printed on normal newsprint is Rs 32 per copy.

How to read Hindu? ›

Focus on high/supreme court verdicts: These are very important from the exam point of view. Read the editorial section: This is the most important section in the newspaper. While reading this section, you should have a pen/pencil in your hand and underline every specific information you feel will be helpful.

Which newspaper is best for beginners? ›

  • Best English Newspaper In India For Students 2023.
  • The Hindu:
  • The Hindu is a very old newspaper that will provide complete coverage of Indian and Foreign politics. ...
  • The Tribune:
  • This Newspaper will be a good choice for beginners who want to read English newspapers in a simple language.
  • The Telegraph:
Jul 29, 2016

Which language is best for paper A in UPSC? ›

The most widely chosen language by candidates in Paper-A (UPSC language paper) is Hindi. Hindi is one of the official languages of India. On average, about 65% of the candidates select Hindi for Paper-A, while the remaining 35% choose one of the other languages.

Which is the best substitute for The Hindu newspaper? ›

Indian Express

Founded in 1932 by Ramnath Goenka, this English daily is useful for UPSC IAS Exam. Along with The Hindu, The Indian Express is considered to be the best source of current affairs information for competitive exam preparation.

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The Hindu premium access is now available as recurring subscriptions that renew after the durations of 1 month (₹299 / $4.99), and 1 year (₹2399/$49.99).

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