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WFTV News | Live News Globe (1)WFTV, an ABC-affiliated TV station, giving its services at Orlando, Florida, United States. The brand name of the channel is “Channel 9 Eyewitness News,” while its call sign is “Florida TeleVision.” Furthermore, the slogan of WFTV News is Coverage You Can Count On. The genre of WFTV Orlando includes breaking news, entertainment, politics, sports, weather forecast, and much more. Watch WFTV live stream on the official website and YouTube channel.

WFTV Channel 9 broadcasts and shares county by county news of Florida. The 9investigates section includes all the investigative stories and news of Orlando and nearby counties. Likewise, Back to School shares all the news regarding school opening and closing. WFTV Orlando’s Science and Technology department covers the best news about the latest technology. However, find the accurate WFTV weather forecast of Orlando and nearby regions on the channel and website. The Health Wellness section includes tips and ideas to keep the body healthy.

Watch WFTV News Live Stream

Watch the Channel 9 News Orlando live stream on the official website and YouTube channel. You can also watch the WFTV live streaming by installing the news channel app from the play store and apple store. WFTV News owns several popular news shows and programs for its viewers. Here below, we also provide the live stream of WFTV News to watch free.

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Studios and Transmitter Channel 9 News Orlando

Channel 9, along with its sister Channel WRDQ (channel 27), share studios on East South Street in downtown Orlando, Florida. Whereas the transmitter of WFTV located between Christmas and Bithlo. The transmitter coordinates of WFTV are 28°34′8.2″N 81°3′15.6″W.

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Cable Services

The signal of the channel relayed through a UHF digital translator in Deltona. One can watch the station on cable on channel 10 on Comcast Xfinity, channel 7 on Charter Spectrum, and channel 9 on CenturyLink Prism. The TV station also carried on cable providers in Citrus and Polk counties – the part of the Tampa Bay market.

WFTV 9 Investigates

WFTV News team and reporters deeply investigate the news regarding serious crimes, corporate wrongdoing, or political corruption to share stories. The channel’s investigative journalists spend months or years researching and preparing and finalizing a specific report for viewers. Along with the regular team of investigators, sometimes the channel also uses to fire freelance journalists to investigate stories. The team of investigators mostly covers the wrongdoings of Orlando and nearby counties.

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Following are the three affiliations of Channel 9 Orlando:

  • ABC
  • Laff
  • Court TV Mystery

Back to School WFTV9

Everyone knows, due to the worldwide wave of a pandemic, the everyday life disturbed severely. The United States is the worst epidemic’s hit the country of the world. Along with other departments of life, schools also got affected due to the lock down guidelines. After the whole scenario, parents of Orlando have too many concerns regarding the studies of their children. They have worries about the reopening dates of the schools. But the point of affection for them is that WFTV 9 news is providing all the school opening news. Similarly, teachers can also keep them update with the latest school news by tuning the channel.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology is the department of WFTV that covers all the innovative tech news countrywide. If you want to stay connected to the latest technology news, you need to tune Channel 9 News Orlando. The channel and its website contain every single tech news from a needle to space. The television station gathers these types of news in written, visual, audio, and multi-media material. Tech journalism of WFTV includes genres such as reports, news, communications technologies, IT industry, robotics, and scientific research.

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Health Wellness

Under the health wellness, the WFTV Channel 9 reports the medical news and features. It shares health news for the public as well as for doctors and other health professionals. The prevention of illness is the top priority of WFTV Orlando. In the same way, health experts teach several useful exercises to keep the body healthy. They hire different health professionals to cover different departments of health.

The health team works under the formula Mind + Body + Wellness. Nowadays, the Hurricane season in the U.S. is on its peak, and the experts share here useful techniques and medicines. Similarly, one can also find a fitness app in the health section of the official website of the channel. Furthermore, breastfeeding mothers can also read informative articles on the benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding benefits both the health of the child as well as the mother.

Get all the Space Coast News at One Point

Lovers of Space Coast now read and watch every single news in this section of WFTV 9. The Space Coast, a region in the American state of Florida. NASA-launched crewed spaceflights departed from there. Channel 9 Orlando dedicates a separate section for all the space news explicitly. The TV station has an expert team of space journalists to cover space news professionally.

Covered Counties of WFTV News Channel

Along with the news of Central Florida, following the major counties from which the channel focusses the news stories.



WFTV Channel 9 Eyewitness News App

The Central Florida news viewers can install the app to get WFTV breaking news about technology, politics, sports, entertainment, and much more. The app also provides necessary traffic updates on the roads of Orlando, Florida. The significant services of the tv channel include central Florida news and weather forecast. Additionally, one can watch the reports in recorded form from the award-winning reporters and photographers. The Eyewitness News app connects the social media community of the channel with the news team. Strong enterprise journalism is the foundation of the Channel 9 news team, delivering exclusive stories in a meaningful way. The app also features WFTV live stream in high definition with smooth streaming.

WFTV Weather Forecast

The Orlando TV station has the most intellectual and intelligent news crew. The WFTV news team exclusively covers the factual stories and happenings in Orlando and neighboring regions. News anchors such as Jamie Holmes, Christopher Heath, and Angela Jacobs having more than ten years of service with WFTV. Holmes started the newsroom at the age of fifteen. Therefore, under the shadow of these experienced anchors and reports, the channel covers every story authentically.

Severe Weather Center 9

WFTV News | Live News Globe (17)The proficient WFTV 9 weather team uses to forecast Orlando and nearby counties accurately and efficiently. Channel 9 Weather department forecasts the worst weather conditions with the help of the latest radar and technology. Using Doppler 9 HD Radar and regional microclimate radar, the meteorologist detects the tropical storms timely. Tom Terry, the chief meteorologist of Eyewitness News 9, is leading the weather team of the channel efficiently.

The weather services of WFTV is working 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The residents of Orlando, Florida, can get the hour by hour weather forecast. Furthermore, the channel provides the five-day weather forecast service for the people of Orlando and nearby counties. The team has the most accurate weather technology and delivers the latest and updated weather forecasts for Central Florida. The radar detects the current temperature, temperature change, wind directions, and speed, as well as extreme wind warnings.

WFTV Channel 9 Weather App

The weather app of WFTV News is free to install for android and apple users. It constantly updated itself with the latest storm and weather forecast information of Orlando and Central Florida counties. One can watch the live coverage of channel 9 news with the meteorologists in severe weather conditions on his smartphone. With the help of the app’s built-in interactive radar, one can zoom nearby counties. Location-based storm alerts of the WFTV Mobile App will direct users to the latest severe weather warnings.

Features of WFTV 9 News Weather App

The following are the major features of the WFTV weather app:

  • App updated with new radar that matches the radar found on other digital platforms.
  • Radar has a 250-meter resolution (the highest available).
  • The app tracks earthquakes and storms as layers on the radar.
  • Track the location and magnitude of earthquakes.
  • One can also track the type, speed, and direction of the storms.
  • Twenty-five different push alert types from tornado warnings to tropical storm alerts to winter storm warnings.

Channel’s Overview

WFTV Orlando initially started its services on 1st February 1958 with the facility ID 72076. Cox Media Group (WFTV, LLC) is the owner of the news channel. The station referred to as the most used and authentic multimedia resource for WFTV breaking news in Central Florida and Orlando. The channel aims to deliver great and exclusive content everywhere in Central Florida and nearby regions. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the licensing authority of Channel 9 News Orlando.

Programs & News Shows

WFTV News 9 Orlando currently broadcasts 43.5 hours of locally produced newscast every week. It offers eight hours of live newscasts streamed weekly on WFTV Eyewitness News and six-plus hours on weekends for smartphones. The television station also produces thirty minutes sports highlights program called Sports Night on 9. WFTV is referred to as the highest-rated ABC TV station in the Southeastern U.S.

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Coverage Area

For the detailed coverage area of WFTV live stream. Please check below map.

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Tel: 407-822-8380
Tower Location: Between Bithlo and Christmas
Brand Name: WFTV Channel 9

WFTV News | Live News Globe (2024)
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