WA news LIVE: West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’, club to hold press conference (2024)

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Man charged over cruelty to pet dogs

To some news from the courts now and a 38-year-old man is listed to appear in the Joondalup Magistrates Courtin August over alleged animal cruelty towards his two pet dogs.

The Carramar man allegedly failed to provide his Staffordshire terrier with sufficient food and to provide vet care for his Maltese terrier.

An RSPCA inspector attended the man’s home in September 2022 after receiving a cruelty report regarding two dogs at his home, one of which was described as skinny and the other as having a very matted coat.

The inspector made contact with the accused who advised he could not afford to take the dogs to the vet but he had organised to surrender the two dogs to RSPCA WA the following day. This was allegedly not true.

They then entered the property and saw the Staffordshire terrier with a protruding spine and ribs, as well as sunken muscle on her face and legs.

She also had multiple lumps on her body and was defecating a grain-like substance which appeared to be wheat.

The Maltese’s coat was so matted it was tight against his skin. He also had faeces stuck in his coat, an underbite, and a loose canine.

The inspector seized the two dogs and transported them to the RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre in Malaga for immediate veterinary care.

The maximum penalty is a $50,000 fine and five years in prison.

Perth students look to tame carbon footprint of tech

WA students at Murdoch University are working together to help figure out how to reduce the carbon footprint of the tech industry – responsible for a similar amount of carbon emissions to aviation.

WA news LIVE: West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’, club to hold press conference (1)

The industry is responsible for 2 to 3 per cent of global carbon emissions and is now going through a major boom driven by AI.

Research forecasts by 2040, carbon emissions from the tech industry will reach 15 to 17 per cent of global emissions.

Students and researchers at Murdoch’s School of Information Technology are working under the guidance of Dr Umera Imtinan to figure out the best ways to reduce that number.

“Ten years ago, we used to say things like ‘I won’t print this email’ and felt this was a step towards sustainability,” Imtinan said.

“At that time, it made sense but the speed at which things are growing this is no longer the focus nor presents a tangible impact.”

Imtinan is leading two research projects into how to train industry professionals to understand environmental context and embed sustainability in their practice, and how to make Information Systems’ design and development sustainable in the long term.

While the projects underway are relatively small today, they have the potential to lead to something much bigger according to Imtinan.

“We have an opportunity to generate meaningful, practical changes that are shared across industry and have an impact far beyond this university,” she said.

WATCH: West Coast Eagles’ press conference

The West Coast Eagles will hold a press conference at 12.30pm to discuss the club’s decision to part ways with senior coach Adam Simpson.

Simpson has said he is both sad and relieved to be stepping down as coach.

It comes after West Coast Eagles chief executive Don Pyke said it was time for change at the club, acknowledging Simpson’s 11 years at the helm, which included two grand finals and a premiership flag in 2018.

Read more here.


West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’

The West Coast Eagles have confirmed that coach Adam Simpson will leave the club following a board meeting that was held this morning.

Read the club’s statement below. A press conference has been scheduled for 12.30pm.

The West Coast Eagles and senior coach Adam Simpson have mutually agreed that his 11-year tenure at the club will come to an end.

Simpson, one of only six senior coaches in the 37-year history of the club and one of only three to lead the club to premiership glory, achieved the ultimate success in 2018 to join Michael Malthouse (1992, 1994) and John Worsfold (2006) in bringing the cup to WA.

Read the full story here.

WA minister defends $8 million spent securing Coldplay concert

WA Minister for Small Business Jackie Jarvis has defended the state government’s decision to spend $8 million to secure Perth as Coldplay’s first Australia concert venue.

After previously attempting to keep the figure a secret The Guardian yesterday reported it had seen state government documents detailing the amount paid to event organiser, Live Nation Entertainment.

WA news LIVE: West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’, club to hold press conference (2)

Jarvis said the two concerts, held at Optus Stadium in November, injected millions into the local economy. They were initially promoted as Coldplay’s only Australian shows, attracting 40,000 visitors, but the band later announced gigs on the east coast.

“Our events program is phenomenal, it brings lots of people to Western Australia,” Jarvis said.

Asked if she was disappointed the figure WA paid to host Coldplay had been revealed, Jarvis said there was a reason these types of things were usually kept secret.

“We’re competing with other states, we’re competing on a global stage for these events, so I understand there’s a reason for those matters being kept commercial in confidence,” she said.

“There’s a set line item in the budget for our tourism events … so everyone knows how much is on the table for the global pool of funds, how much are paid to commercial operators, I understand, is commercial in confidence.”

Man bitten by shark near Coral Bay in stable condition

An update now on the man bitten by a shark in WA’s north yesterday.

The spearfisher remains in a local hospital in a stable condition after being attacked by an unknown species of shark at 14 Mile Beach, near Coral Bay around 11.20am.

The attack occurred shortly after authorities issued a shark warning for a whale carcass spotted floating around 60 kilometres north of the incident.

Another member of the public reported a shark swimming five metres from shore at 14 Mile Beach shortly after the attack.

The injured man was due to be transferred to Perth for treatment overnight, but remains in a local hospital.


Nova 93.7 reclaims title as Perth’s #1 radio station

Nova 93.7 has regained its title of Perth’s most listened to radio station after briefly being bumped off the top by 96FM earlier this year.

In the latest radio survey, released this morning, Nova holds 15.2 per cent of the market, with 96FM dropping to 13.6 per cent. Rounding out the top five were MIX 94.5 (12.2%), 92.9 Triple M (9.3%) and Radio 6PR (9.1).

In the breakfast radio wars, Nova 93.7’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun continue their dominance, claiming 18.5 per cent of the market, with MIX 94.5’s Pete & Kymba being its nearest competitor with 12.2 per cent of the audience.

Man fighting for life after hit-and-run

To overnight news now and a 38-year-old man is in a critical condition after a suspected hit-and-run in Perth’s east.

WA Police allege the man was struck by a dark coloured vehicle on Albany Highway in Maddington around 7.30pm near a 7-Eleven petrol station.

WA news LIVE: West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’, club to hold press conference (3)

He was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital where he is fighting for his life this morning.

Police are searching for the driver involved in the incident, who did not stop to render assistance.

Anyone with information or dashcam footage is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.

Thunderstorms, gusty winds forecast for Perth

Perth’s coastal suburbs are expected to cop brunt of a severe weather warning due to hit the south-west of the state this afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology says the cold front will bring gusty showers and isolated thunderstorms, with winds forecast to average between 50 and 60 kilometres an hour, and peak at around 90 kilometres an hour.

WA news LIVE: West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’, club to hold press conference (4)

BOM spokeswoman Jessica Lingard told Radio 6PR Perth could see how between 15 and 25 millimetres of rain.

“In terms of when we can expect to see this reaching the city, it will probably be later this morning, so we do have a decent run for all those folks heading to work this morning, but then we will see the weather taking a bit of a turn as we make our way through this afternoon and into this evening, as that cold front comes up and comes through,” she said.

“The severe weather warning includes all of the southern suburbs and most of the northern suburbs up to around the Ocean Reef area.”


Across the nation and overseas

Here’s what’s making news.

  • Real estate agents, lawyers and accountants used to launder the money of drug dealers and terrorist-funders will be the target of new laws to stop the flow of dirty money in Australia.
  • Federal Treasury is reviewing an unknown number of foreign takeovers involving PwC after the embattled consulting firm was accused of misleading the Tax Office.
  • Labor’s Peter Khalil has become the first MP to push back against claims made by a pro-Palestinian political movement aiming to unseat Labor politicians.
  • Overseas, Israeli forces advanced deeper into the Gaza Strip’s largest city in pursuit of militants who had regrouped there, sending thousands of Palestinians fleeing.
  • Also abroad, Russia has rained missiles down on cities across Ukraine in broad daylight, killing at least 36 civilians and badly damaging Kyiv’s main children’s hospital.
  • President Emmanuel Macron has refused the resignation of France’s prime minister, asking him to remain temporarily as the head of the government after the chaotic election result left the government in limbo.
WA news LIVE: West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’, club to hold press conference (5)

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WA news LIVE: West Coast and Adam Simpson ‘part ways’, club to hold press conference (2024)
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