Through Abandoned: The Forest : The Walkthrough King (2024)


You will start the game with one key (1/7). Open the door and go through.


Go left, down twice and use the interface to read a message from your brother. Go left and pick up the saw from the bushes, then return right and up twice. Continue right 4 times. Pull the vine, then climb up twice and go left. Use your saw on the wooden post, then pick it up. Go right, down twice and left twice. Insert your wooden post as a lever in the left of the machine here, then use it to lower a ladder. Grab the wooden post again, then head down twice.

Go left and read another message, then climb the ladder. Grab the shovel, then go back down. Head right 4 times, then go through the doorway.

Take the key (2/7) from the hooks on the wall First key. Go up the stairs to see a puzzle where you need to slide the blocks sideways to create a path from top to bottom as follows:

Go back downstairs and outside, then go left 3 times, up twice, left and up. Flip the lever here to raise the metal ladder, then go left. Use your new key to unlock the door, then go through Prison.

Doors Network


Read the message here, then go forward through the partially open door. Take the golden rod (1/2) from the torture device, and take note of the symbols on the wall. Head back, left, right, up the ladder, and in through the doorway to find 3 doors. Pick up the sketch from the floor here, then go back outside.

Go right and insert your wooden post in the mechanism, then use it to lower a bridge. Continue right twice, down twice, left 4 times, down twice and left twice. Notice that the 5 dials next to the metal door here match the symbols on the sketch you picked up. Click on the dials until their positions match the sketch; from top to bottom they should point right, up, down, left, up. Now go through the doorway.

Pick up the black light, then return right 3 times, right twice, down twice, right 3 times and inside. Head up twice and take the key (3/7), then read the message before climb left over the ladder. Now continue up twice, left 3 times and up. Read the message here, then go left. Use the latest key to unlock the door, and go through.


Go up, then use your black light on the wall here and press the 4 tiles with hand-prints Hidden path. Read the message and pick up the red button, then go right through the doorway into apartment 794. Turn off the light switch, then examine the box on the bed. Turn on the power to it - you now need to move the 8 symbols around to their correct sections within 23 moves. Number the buttons as follows:










One solution is to click on this sequence of button pairs:

  1. 4-5
  2. 2-4
  3. 8-2
  4. 6-8
  5. 7-6
  6. 5-7
  7. 9-5
  8. 8-9
  9. 6-8
  10. 5-6
  11. 1-5
  12. 2-1
  13. 6-2
  14. 5-6
  15. 3-5
  16. 4-3
  17. 6-4
  18. 5-6

Once the box opens, take out the key (4/7). Put the box back, then go left twice, down, and back out through the door. Enter the other doorway here, then go up twice and back outside. Continue right, up and left twice. Reach for the key hanging here, but it will fall down. Return right twice and down twice, then open the door and head through.

Blue Room

Click on each of the 35 wall tiles here, and 30 of them will come out from the wall - note the 5 that remain:

Go back outside, then head up and left twice. Grab the key (5/7). Go right, inside, down twice, outside, right, down and inside to the 3 doors again. You can use your latest keys to unlock all 3 doors here. Go through the left door first.


Walk left twice and use your shovel to dig in the sand, then go down through the hole. Pick up the golden rod (2/2) and the curved piece of metal. Press both round buttons on the console, then try to use the large switch on the wall, but there is some sort of error shown on the display. Go back up and right, and insert your curved piece of metal into the machine here. Return left and down, then use the switch. Go back up and right once more to see the machine is now sending a beam upwards.

Go left and enter the elevator that appears. Do not insert your red button here. Press the middle button and the elevator will go up. Go out to the right 3 times and read the message. Continue right and open the small cabinet, taking out the key (6/7). Return left 4 times. Now press the bottom button to return to the ground. Go right and through the door. Go through the middle door next.


Examine the small cabinet. There are 4 buttons to gradually open different components of the lock. Just press the top and bottom buttons 4 times each. Now you can take out a lens. Go back through the door, then through the right door.

Orbital Station

Head left and take the final key (7/7) from the lockers Seven keys. Go left again and read the message. Use your red button next to the door here and press it, then click on the letter (1/4). Return right twice and head back through the door.

Head outside, up, left, inside, up twice and outside. Use your latest key on the door here, then go through.


Go through the doorway, where you will enter a circular corridor going left and right. Turn the light to red, then go right and keep turning the lights to red until they are all the same. Now turn one light off and go right until you return to this light (in this way you have counted the rooms in the corridor, which is random for each game). Go back and enter this number on the keypad. Use the switch, then click on the letter (2/4). Climb up the ladder and take the pyramid from the left. Go back down, then out through the left door.

Enter the other doorway, then go down twice, outside, right, down, right 3 times, down twice, left 4 times, down twice and left 3 times. Insert your two golden rods into the device in the middle of the room, then go down twice to see the colloidal jelly.

Go up twice, right 3 times, up twice, right twice, down twice, right twice and down. Use your pyramid on the top of the pyramid here, then go down. Read the message, then head right. Take the metallic part from the bottom of the wall panel, then return left, up twice, left twice, up twice, right twice, up twice, left 3 times and inside. Go through the left door to return to the desert.

Head left twice and into the elevator. Press the middle button, then go right twice. Attach the metallic part and lens to the laser device here. Now go right twice and use the switch on the console. Return left 4 times, press the bottom button, then go outside, right twice and through the door. Go through the right door to return to the orbital station.

Go left and notice the wheel you can rotate - it has 3 different components that can face downward, and have values of 1, 3 and 7 based on the number of segments they show. Go down to see that the laser device is now powering this part of the orbital station. You need to add or subtract power from each of the 3 batteries here by setting their small switch to positive or negative, then press their red button (they have values of 2, 3 and 4 as indicated on their levels of charge). Once you have activated the batteries correctly, pull the switch to send the power up to the wheel segment, then rotate the wheel. The correct batteries for each of the wheel segments is as follows:

  • 1 Segment: Battery 2 yellow, Battery 3 yellow, Battery 4 blue
  • 3 Segments: Battery 2 yellow, Battery 3 blue, Battery 4 yellow
  • 7 Segments: Battery 2 off, Battery 3 yellow, Battery 4 yellow

Once all 3 wheel segments are activated, press the red button above the wheel. Take the skull from the opened cabinet. Now head right and through the door.

Back out, then go right 3 times, down twice, left 4 times, down twice, left 3 times and down twice. Put the skull beneath the colloidal jelly and you will fill it up. Now head up twice, right 3 times, up twice, right 4 times, up twice, left 3 times, up, left and through the left doorway. Go up twice and outside, then continue right and up. Insert the skull here. Go back down and through the hole in the tree Inside the tree.

Inside the Tree

Go down and open the door, then go through. First click on the wall tiles to create a similar pattern to what you saw in the blue room earlier:

Leave the room and go down 3 times, then read the message. Continue right and down twice. Notice the water valve here, then go left and notice another water valve. Return right, up and go through the hole to be outside again. Go down and turn the valve so it is vertical. Head up, right twice, down twice, left and up, then turn this valve so it is horizontal. Return inside the tree by going down, right, up twice, left twice and through the hole again. Go down, left and down, then click on the letter (3/4).

Return up, right, up twice, left, up 3 times and through the doorway. Now click on all the wall tiles you can so you reveal this pattern:

Go back out through the door, then continue up and out through the hole. Go down and through the doorway into the blue room. Click on the wall tiles to create a similar pattern to what you just saw:

A box will rise out of the ground. Insert all 7 of your keys, then take the round data device from the right. Go back outside, then up and in through the hole.

Head down 4 times, right and through the door into an office.


Examine the combination lock and input the symbols you saw in the prison (from the starting position where all symbols look like arrows pointing up to the right, rotate the symbols 2, 3, 0 and 1 times from top to bottom). You will see part of the wall in the prison open up. Go back out through the door.

Head left, up 4 times and out through the hole. Continue left, through the right doorway, down twice and outside again, then right, down twice, left and through the doorway. Continue straight ahead, and click on the final letter (4/4) Secrets 4/4.

Go back and out through the door. Continue right, up twice, left, through the left doorway, up twice, outside, right and through the hole. Now go down 4 times, right, down, left and through the doorway. Go right and read the 4 messages about the 4 secrets.

Head left, up the stairs and read another message. Enter the cave and insert the round data device into the large door Refuge.

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Through Abandoned: The Forest : The Walkthrough King (2024)
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