Midcentury Modern Design: Designers and Architects of the era (2024)

It’s hard to fathom, but mid century modern design is still as popular now as it was 50 years ago. Don’t believe us? Just take a quick visit to your local Target or West Elm and you’ll see. The impact this iconic design era still has on the world is undeniable.

But what gives this style its longevity? Why are people still drawn to the aesthetic of mid century modern furniture and decor all these years later? We’re going to dive into these questions and much, much more—let’s get started!

What is mid century modern design?

mid century modern is a design movement that impacted interior and exterior spaces, architecture, and graphic design from 1933 to 1965. The term “mid century modern” came from Cara Greenberg, who in 1984 coined the era’s name in mid century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s.

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Although there is a definite theme, the mid century modern aesthetic doesn’t come from just one particular look. Some pieces look drastically different from others, and that’s fine. The underlying unification of the design era is rooted in a shared optimism, a new dawn of excitement and livability after World War II.

This optimistic mentality, combined with new construction and manufacturing materials, paved the way for some of the greatest design of the modern age—and made mid century designers legends.

Famous mid century modern furniture designers

The mid century era brought us some of the most iconic designers to date. These quintessential designers gave us a glimpse of the future and helped usher us out of the 19th century and into a modern and beautiful 20th century.

The makers of the era were heavily influenced by organic materials, as well as the growing interest the world had with science fiction, skyscrapers, and homes of tomorrow. No matter the influence, they all designed with one goal in mind: create beautiful furniture that was both functional and attainable.

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Charles and Ray Eames

Two of the most famous designers of the time were Charles and Ray Eames. This incredible husband and wife team were the very definition of playful, resourceful, and imaginative. They not only created beautiful furniture, but also dabbled in graphic design, toys, and filmmaking. They were a renaissance couple and the poster children for the era’s design sensibilities.

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“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” ― Charles Eames

Some of their most famous work included the DSR chair, the Lounge Chair and Ottoman, the Hang-It-All, and the Task Chair.

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Florence Knoll

Another popular mid century designer was Florence Knoll. Knoll was originally from Detroit and her talents developed early on, some say as early as 12 years old.

Knoll had many talents, but she is primarily known for revolutionizing office design and organization. Her distinct style modernized post-war office spaces and environments.

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“She had that ability, to critique [something], to tear it apart and put it back together. She was something else.” – Bob Longwell

Florence passed away in January of 2019, but her presence is still felt in modern furniture, architecture, and interior design. In fact, you can still purchase her designs today at knoll.com.

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Hans Wegner

Another noted designer of the era was Hans Wegner, a Danish master known for his sofas and tables. His furniture was so prolific that the term “Danish Modern” became synonymous with well-made and stylish furniture of the era.

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His style is often referred to as “organic functionality”, bringing a level of detail and thoughtfulness to every piece he created. He designed well over 500 chairs, including the popular “The Chair”, the Wishbone Chair, and more.

The mid century architectural revolution

Like the makers above, the architects of the era also benefited from advancements in technology. New materials and construction methods helped to emphasize the minimalist aesthetic of mid century architecture. The structures showcased a clean, modern aesthetic while maintaining an appearance that complimented the natural surroundings.

The materials were also a considered choice in the mid century modern home. Organic materials such as stone, marble, and wood were staples of the time. Natural light became important, and architects worked to bring the outside in at every opportunity.

These modern homes were the epitome of style and success, and a few iconic architects set the bar for excellence.

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Philip Johnson

Leading the charge was Philip Johnson, an American architect that was probably best known for his Glass House in Connecticut. Johnson used dark colors and organic materials to create a calm and order to the home—a theme for architecture during the period.

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William Krisel

Another legend of the mid century era was William Krisel. Krisel’s claim to fame was his affordable residential housing with a modern aesthetic. During his career, he designed more than 30,000 homes throughout Southern California.

His Twin Palms Estates is probably the most storied and exciting mid century modern neighborhood in Palm Springs. He started the housing development in 1957, building affordable homes with pools and exactly two palm trees as landscaping. Fitting given the name.

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Pierre Koenig

And finally, we have Pierre Koenig. Koenig began a private architectural practice in 1952, working with heavy-hitters like Raphael Soriano and Edward H. Fickett.

He was most known for his Case Study Houses No. 21 and 22, described by many as the “iconic post-war L.A. home”. His design style and sensibilities would influence designers for decades to come. He also shared what he learned as a Professor of Architecture at USC.

Futuristic and nostalgic, all at the same time

In American culture, mid century design has become so ingrained in our aesthetic ideals that you can’t help but marvel at its resilience.

In fact, many of the pieces from some of the finest mid century designers we highlighted above are still available today. Companies like ours (MidMod), Herman Miller, and Knoll still offer reproductions of the classic pieces. These timeless designs remain because they were created with purpose, bringing style and comfort to people’s everyday lives.

But for us, the appeal of mid century modern design is about more than lines, shapes, and textures. It reminds us of our best selves, our ability to innovate and create, and most of all, it reminds us of the bright future we’re always looking towards.

Midcentury Modern Design: Designers and Architects of the era (2024)


Who was known for mid-century modern design? ›

Eero Saarinen was a Finnish-American architect and designer known for his distinctive contributions to Mid-Century Modern Design. He was the son of renowned architect Eliel Saarinen.

What is the mid-century modern design style? ›

The MCM design aesthetic is modern in style and construction, aligned with the Modernist movement of the period. It is typically characterized by clean, simple lines and honest use of materials, and generally does not include decorative embellishments.

Who is the father of mid-century modern architecture? ›

The history of midcentury-modern architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright is undeniably the most influential figure on the period. Hallmarks of his buildings—site-specific designs, the consideration for flow between the spaces, and his dedication to the use of wood paneling—are all prominent features of midcentury-modern homes.

Who built mid-century modern homes? ›

Eichler homes are named for the 20th-century real estate developer Joseph Eichler, who built mid-century modern houses through Southern and Northern California, creating a modernist wonderland on the West Coast; the homes even became Palm Springs' signature aesthetic.

Who is the famous modern architect? ›

Many people agree that Frank Lloyd Wright is the most famous architect of the modern era. Along with Louis Henri Sullivan, his early mentor, Wright helped form a uniquely American architecture.

Who was the first modern designer? ›

An Englishman living in Paris, Charles Frederick Worth (1825 - 1905) is regarded as the first designer in the modern sense of the term, with a large business employing many largely anonymous tailors and seamstresses. A former draper, Worth's success was such that he was able to dictate what customers should wear.

Why is mid century modern design so popular? ›

Midcentury pieces are simply well-designed objects, with a timeless look, says Sotheby's Holdeman. "[Midcentury modern designs] sit very well in contemporary homes and interiors—they still feel fresh today, they still feel modern. A lot of those pieces haven't been bettered. They still stand the test of time."

When did mid century modern architecture start? ›

Characterized by flat planes, large glass windows and open space, these homes -- built from 1945 to the 1980s -- featured simplicity and an integration with nature, encouraging residents to explore the world in new ways.

Why is mid century modern so popular? ›

Mid-century décor is defined by its sleek lines and warm, cozy feel. It also offers elements of both modernity and nostalgia which makes it attractive to many homeowners. This stylish trend in home design has become increasingly popular due to its balance between classic style and modern aesthetics.

Who are the four modern architects? ›

Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Louis Kahn are four of the most notable architects to date. Read on to find out more about the creative process of these four leaders of the modern era, and why their projects and practices are still influential to our modern times.

Who was the original architect? ›

Historians identify Imhotep, who lived around 2600 BC, as the first identified architect in history.

Who were the first modern architects? ›

The slavish adherence to historical forms was slowly abandoned. Instead of looking backward for inspiration, they began to look forward. European architects such as Adolph Loos, Otto Wagner, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Eric Mendelson, and Walter Gropius were early proponents of modern philosophies.

Who was a famous architect in the 1950s? ›

Frank Lloyd Wright

What is mid-century architecture? ›

Mid-century modern architecture is minimalist and emphasizes natural surroundings. It became popular after the Second World War.

Where did mid-century modern architecture come from? ›

Origins and Historical Context

Mid-Century Modern architecture emerged roughly between the 1930s and 1960s, flourishing in the aftermath of World War II. This period of post-war optimism, technological advancement, and a desire for a fresh start greatly influenced the architectural landscape.

When was mid-century modern design popular? ›

MC: The mid-century modern design aesthetic is considered one of the classics. Popular from the 1930s through the 1960s, it has timeless appeal and is instantly recognizable with its contemporary – almost futuristic – characteristics.

What influenced mid-century modern interior design? ›

Mid century modern design originated as a reflection of the time's functional, clean, and simplistic needs. It represented a departure from past traditions and embraced a more modern and organic way of living. Mid century modern furniture features clean lines and simplicity, unlike frilly or overly ornate pieces.

Was Frank Lloyd Wright mid-century modern? ›

Lloyd's work is in mid-century modern. He trained most mid-century modern architects, and his work stressed nature, family, and lifestyle. Frank is also known as the father of American modernism because he carried out more than one thousand architectural works that gave way to modern and contemporary styles.

Who was the most prominent designers in the modernism movement? ›

Designers and architects such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Erich Mendelsohn and Walter Gropius developed model housing estates in an attempt to resolve the housing crisis. In their drive to transform society, Modernist architects set out to industrialise the building process.

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