Kim Kardashian indulges her sweet tooth buys boxes of sugary cereal (2024)

She is known for having a sweet tooth, and has complained about it in the past.

But Kim Kardashian indulged her love of sugary snacks on Tuesday as she picked up several boxes of cereal while on a trip to the Ralphs grocery in Calabasas.

The 34-year-old beauty spent plenty of time in the dry foods aisle as she was accompanied by a female friend on the market trip.

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Cereal shopper: Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Ralphs grocery store in Calabasas on Tuesday

The reality star grabbed on to more than three different cereals including Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Life and Cap'n Crunch Berries, which all have pretty high sugar content but may well have been for her 19-month-old daughter North.

Kim has previously vowed to tackle her sugar addiction as she asked her Twitter followers for help back in October.

'Whats the name of that documentary about sugar? I have such a sweet tooth but I know I have to watch this and make some changes,' she tweeted.

Sweet tooth: The 34-year-old seemed to buy plenty of sugary cereal on the outing

Casual customer: Kim looked comfortable in an all black ensemble including half-sleeve top, tights, and Nike Roshe Run sneakers

What to buy: The reality star finished off the look with a black sweater tied around her waist as she perused the dry food aisle

Not too posh to push: The star had a full cart as she jaunted around the market

After her devoted fans rushed to Google the name, she replied: 'yes Fed Up. Has anyone seen it?'

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians was at least a little conscious of the nutritional values of the products she was considering purchasing as she was seen looking carefully at a label of a bag of sweet treats.

She was dressed comfortably on the outing as she donned an all black ensemble including half-sleeve top, tights down to the knee, Nike Roshe Run sneakers and a sweater tied around her waist.

Two boxes isn't enough: Kim grabbed more than a couple boxes of cereal

Sugary snacks: The star grabbed more than three boxes of ceral including Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Life and Cap'n Crunch Berries, which all have pretty high sugar content

Back in black: Kim wore her raven-coloured tresses down and had natural, complimentary make-up on her face

Careful customer: As the middle Kardashian sister has previously discussed having a sugar addiction, she made sure to read a label on one of the products she was considering

Kim hung a pair of designer shades on the collar of her shirt as she wore her raven-coloured locks down on the occasion and had natural, complimentary make-up on her face.

Her gal pal was also dressed in the dark colour as they shared a few conversations and laughs during their trip to the grocery store.

Earlier in the day, the television personality was spotted with her 37-year-old rapper husband Kanye West while running errands in Los Angeles.

Gal pal: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was not alone on the outing as she was joined by a friend

Kim was dressed in the same outfit from the market trip as the Bound 2 rapper was also dressed down on the outing as they each kept their heads down low.

It is interesting to see the pair out and about in LA just days before Christmas as RadarOnline claimed the the Yeezus rapper would whisk away his partner and their two-year-old daughter North to Paris after tending to some business in Manhattan.

'Kanye was adamant that Kim and North spend the Christmas holiday together, away from all of the holiday insanity of the Kardashians,' a source claimed.

Experienced: Kim may not be spotted at the grocery that often, but she definitely knows a thing or two about shopping

That's a little healthier: The reality star picked up a box of Raisin Bran

Christmas spirit: No doubt Kim and her friend were picking up a few items for the upcoming holiday

The family of three was seen arriving in New York City on Sunday after flying in from Los Angeles, where Kim and Kanye continue to live at Kris' home in Hidden Hills while the couple's home is being remodeled and refurnished.

'The last thing Kanye wanted to do is spend the holidays with Kim's entire family,' an insider told the gossip site. The family 'is expected to remain [in NYC] for the next few days, and then go to Paris.'

But instead of flying to France, the couple made their way to California.

Back in Southern California: Kim and husband Kanye West were spotted running errands earlier in the day while in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning

Kim Kardashian indulges her sweet tooth buys boxes of sugary cereal (2024)
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