Eggs Kejriwal Recipe (2024)

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This is a pronunciation guide for the name of the dish:Kejriwal is pronounced: cage-ree-vahl Don't slur the 'j' or turn it into a 'h' sound like in Spanish. Pronounce it just like the English word 'cage'.(I am Indian origin and speak 3 Indian languages including Hindi).


In Tucson, we make this with corn tortillas...a fantastic and satisfying snack (lose the ketchup, but consider tomatillo salsa)!


We made this as soon as we saw the photos and recipe. Wife and I have both traveled in India and both enjoy morning eggs. I cooked this up on the only bread we had on hand, organic 7 grain bread. We were out of cilantro and substituted parsley, and used jalapenos for heat. So, we deviated, but the result was fantastic! Comes together quickly enough for an ordinary morning breakfast but would be wonderful for a weekend brunch with friends. A great recipe. Many thanks!


Yes, delicious, but next time I won't fry the bread in butter, will just toast it in the pan. There was enough fat from the cheese and from frying the egg.


We’re wintering in Honolulu. Coincidentally we had all the ingredients in our rented apartment so I said YES!We had some great country bread which I’d sliced and followed the simple recipe pretty much as written. It was great. My wife, bless her heart is an adaptive eater normally saying “ if you cook it I’ll eat it,”. She loved it as did I. She’s not normally given to loud pronouncements but she said, “ it tastes like a nice brunch dish from a fancy restaurant.” That was enough for me


The bread pictured in the article looks like farmers' style German rye. Is that what Pullman bread is? I would use a good English-style toasting white.


Pullman refers to the pan the bread is baked in. It is square with a sliding lid. The actual bread can be anything, but it is usually a type of country white bread.. I agree -- this bread looks like rye.


Is the mustard in the recipe Dijon, dry or something else?

Jennifer B.

The first time I made this, I kept pretty true to the recipe, except for using jalapeno pepper instead of the serrano, and skipped the ketchup. It was marvelous! The second time I made it, I added chopped mushrooms to the cheese mix, and after putting the mustard on the toast, I heaped each slice with baby arugula and then the cheese. Wow!


Thank you for this recipe!! This was an amazing brunch dish. I actually keep most of these ingredients with the exception of cilantro, if one can imagine an Indian American without cilantro in her home. As a substitute, I drizzled a cilantro salad dressing on the finished product. I also used regular multigrain bread. I also roasted kale, seasoned with tandoori masala powder and Indian chili powder. Definitely would make this again and again!!


Heaven. Bread, cheese, chillies and eggs.


For those asking about which mustards to use, we used a combination of grainy and Dijon, and it was excellent. The small bit of Dijon (not too much!) gave a little punch with the vinegar it has. Delicious recipe!


This looks like a take on omelet on toast -- a basic Indian omelet is chopped red onion, chopped cilantro and chopped green chile. No other omelet can top it.

Paul Z

Used the "no-knead" bread for this - fab! A can of green chiles? Great! I would change 2 things, though: saute the onions, and use fontina instead of cheddar. Other than that, this is so going into my standard rotation (especially since my chickens just keep laying...).


Made this for a brunch gathering at our house -- huge hit. You can prepare the bread before everyone comes and have everything ready to broil. Sprinkled some cumin powder on top of the fried eggs for good measure. Also, made this with sprouted grain bread and matzo for those observing passover. Worked great!


Made this for breakfast this morning and my husband gave it 9.5/10. I used fluffy dinner rolls (that's what we had left over from entertaining last night), did not butter pre-fry the toast, used dijon, Balderson's reserve cheddar, jalapeño and extra red only...oh and bit of parsley (not a fan of cilantro). Added a bit of red only and cheddar to the eggs while they fried as well. Def making this again - was lovely.

Tampa Gardener

Eggs for Dinner: I am surprised that Tejal hasnt included a recipe for a popular Bengali dimer dalna (egg curry). Simple to make and lightly spiced. Convenient and quick.


Dijon! My wife and I tried this delicious dish with Grey Poupon Dijon mustard on one slice and Heinz Yellow mustard on the other. We both agreed the Dijon was tastier!

Robin M

I've used homemade corn tortillas as the base and it was equally excellent!


Do it all on one pan in the oven: Brown one side of the toast under the broiler, flip. Add toppings to toast, crack the eggs sunny side up next to the toast and broil it all together for a few minutes. Works beautifully.


Too heavy on the raw onion for me, even cutting it down. Maybe par cooking the onion is the move for people who struggle with raw onion.


Excellent! My husband said he wanted this every day for the rest of his life.


I like this with chili crisp and scallions.


I really really love this recipe. I make it often and purposefully try to have these ingredients on hand when the weekend hits. The textures are delightful and the spice of the pepper is so delicious when you get a bite of everything together. This has become a standby.

Barbara Snider

Unfortunately, I already had breakfast, but there is lunch and dinner ahead. Great idea.


Packed with flavour. Delicious and easy.


SOOO GOOD! The filling itself feels so intense alone (especially with some sharp cheddar mm) but the egg cuts it so well. So rich and delicious. Don’t take the seeds out of the Serrano.


Really good. Used this as a base recipe & scrambled the eggs, adding a few shakes of salt, pepper, & turmeric as I whisked them. As the toast broiled, I let the eggs spread over the bottom of the skillet, flipped it to cook on both sides, & sliced it in half for two thin, folded slices--one for each piece of toast. Forgot the mustard before adding the cheese mixture, so spread some on the eggs. Topped with some Cholula on one & a ginger hot sauce on the other. Flavor bomb.


Specifically calling for Pullman bread is just a bit too precious.


This was fabulous. Made no changes and can’t begin to tell you how much family loved it. My daughter said it was restaurant worthy. They all asked for it again today. Used a jalapeño instead of Serrano.

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Eggs Kejriwal Recipe (2024)
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