Crunchy French Toast (2024)

I just have one word to describe this French toast: Oh my.

And okay, that was two words. But that’s how good this French toast is. It causes me to lose complete track of how many words I’m using. It also causes me to stop what I’m doing and reflect on each and every bite of what I’m eating, which is the crispiest, crunchiest, most delightful French toast known to mankind.

You have got to try this soon, soon, soon! And that means now.

Crunchy French Toast (1)

Crack some eggs into a dish…

Crunchy French Toast (3)

With some half and half, or milk if you’re more sensible than me.

But please use half-and-half.

Crunchy French Toast (5)

Violently whisk it together…

Crunchy French Toast (7)

Then splash in a little vanilla. This will impact your life in a very positive way.

Never, ever, ever make French toast, pancakes, or waffles without vanilla.

Crunchy French Toast (9)

Speaking of impacting your life in a very positive way, a little sugar would also be good at this stage.

Let me take this opportunity to alert you that one slice of this French toast is plenty for one person. My goodness gracious, is it ever tasty.

Crunchy French Toast (11)

Finally, add a little cinnamon…

And violently whisk it together once more. Set this aside.

Crunchy French Toast (15)

In a separate dish, make the crunchy coating! I reached for the Panko breadcrumbs, even though I almost always use them in savory settings (mac and cheese topping, fried mozzarella coating, chicken cutlet breading, and so on). Pour about a cup into the dish…

Crunchy French Toast (17)

And (yes) add some sugar…

Crunchy French Toast (19)

And cinnamon…

Crunchy French Toast (21)

And mix it together until everything is totally combined.

Crunchy French Toast (23)

And if that wasn’t enough, drizzle in a little melted butter…

Crunchy French Toast (25)

And stir it into the crumbs with a fork, mushing and mixing until all the crumbs are lightly coated in the butter.

Crunchy French Toast (27)

Now, thank goodness, it’s time to make the toast! I’m using good ol’ American supermarket-style soft mushy mass produced whole wheat sandwich bread to prove that crusty, artisan bread is absolutely not necessary when making delectable French toast.

I’m also using it because that’s all I had.

Crunchy French Toast (29)

Quickly throw the bread into the egg mixture, turning it over to coat.

Crunchy French Toast (31)

Lift it out, letting the excess drip off…

Crunchy French Toast (33)

Then immediately set it in the dish with the sweetened, flavored panko crumbs, pressing very lightly to encourage the crumbs to adhere to the first side.

Crunchy French Toast (35)

Turn it over and press to coat the other side…

Crunchy French Toast (37)

And set it on a plate while you do the rest. Keep going until you run out of bread or egg mixture or crumb coating…whichever comes first!

Crunchy French Toast (39)

Now. Sometimes when I post recipes here, I list steps that are optional. Please note: *This is not one of those times.* Melt a generous amount of butter in a (preferably nonstick) skillet. And that’s an order.

And when I say “generous amount,” I don’t mean a tablespoon. I mean several tablespoons—enough that the butter will swirl around and move in the pan a bit. And that’s because you need enough butter in the skillet to really bubble up and sizzle around the crumb coating; if the skillet’s too dry, the crumbs won’t be able to live the life they were born to live.

Crunchy French Toast (41)

Place the French toast in the skillet and cook it over medium-low heat for about 4 to 6 minutes, watching like a hawk the whole time. If the crumb coating seems to be browning too fast, reduce the heat a bit. You want to give the inside of the French toast time to cook and set a bit before the crumbs get too brown, so it’s a bit of a balancing act!

Crunchy French Toast (43)

Flip them over when the crunchy coating is deep golden and crisp (but not burned!) and let the toast cook for 3 or so minutes on the other side. (Add more butter to the pan if it gets too dry.)

Crunchy French Toast (45)

To serve, put a pat of butter on top along with some strawberry slices.

Crunchy French Toast (47)

How lovely and inviting does this look?

Crunchy French Toast (49)

It’s about to get lovelier and invitinger.

Crunchy French Toast (51)

You know what’s especially delicious about this dang darn ding durn French toast? The edges.

Crunchy French Toast (53)

Holy crunchiness! If I’d had a sleeping baby in the house, this definitely would’ve woken him up!

Crunchy French Toast (55)

(Pssst. How about serving this for dessert with whipped cream and caramel sauce? Okay? Okay.)

Grab the recipe from the sidebar, or follow the link below to the printable recipe on Tasty Kitchen, friends! This truly is a treat beyond treats.

Crunchy French Toast: Printable Recipe

Crunchy French Toast (2024)
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