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Talk to an agent about your Spectrum service today.

Contact Spectrum Support Now

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Contact Spectrum customer service

Spectrum customer service phone number

To reach an agent by phone, visit Spectrum and click or tap on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Scroll down on the following page to see two numbers you can call: one for internet, TV, and home phone services, and one for Spectrum Mobile.

However, you won’t reach an agent immediately. You must navigate a few automated menus first, so be sure to say “representative” right away. The system will then ask what your call is about to send you to the correct department.

Contact Spectrum Support Now

Spectrum store locations near you

To speak with someone in person, you can schedule an appointment with a customer service agent at your local Spectrum store. You can set up your appointment online or contact your local store to set a date.

Sorry, no stores were found in your area.

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Spectrum customer service online

Spectrum’s support site has several resources to help troubleshoot issues, manage your account, and find answers to common questions about Spectrum services.

Spectrum also interacts with users on a few different platforms, including Twitter and the My Spectrum app.

Other Spectrum online support

Spectrum outages

Call Spectrum if you suspect an outage currently affects your service. Generally, the automated system reports an outage immediately upon answering your call if your number is in the system. If not, you can ask, “am I in an outage” and then provide your address. You can get a callback or a text message too when the outage ends.

The My Spectrum app for iOS and Android also displays outage information in your area. You can tap on “View Outage Details” to get more info or request a callback when the outage ends.

Spectrum customer support for your business

You can reach customer support for Spectrum Business services through its online portal. There’s no online chat client at this time, but you can click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to get the phone number or locate a Spectrum store.

Contact Spectrum Support Now

Pay your Spectrum bill

There are multiple ways to pay your Spectrum bill:

  • Pay online at
  • Pay by check or money order mailed to the Spectrum address listed on your statement.
  • Pay on the My Spectrum app.
  • Pay in person at Spectrum stores or third-party payment centers.
  • Pay through your bank.
  • Pay by phone.*

*Paying your bill on the phone with a customer service representative incurs a $5 processing fee.

There are some advantages to paying your Spectrum bills online or on the My Spectrum app. For example, you can easily set up automatic payments, so you’re never late. Plus, you avoid the $5 phone payment processing fee.

Sign up for Spectrum service

To sign up for Spectrum Internet, TV, or phone service, you can call or browse service offers in your area online.

ViewPlans for Spectrum

Cancel your Spectrum service

You can handle most account management necessities in the My Spectrum app or online, but you must speak with an agent over the phone or at a Spectrum store to cancel or put a hold on your Spectrum services. This person may offer you discounts or perks if you can be persuaded to stay, especially over the phone.

If you do decide to cancel, visit the Spectrum store rather than call. It’s extra convenient because you already have the rental equipment with you.

Contact Spectrum Support Now

Spectrum customer service FAQ

How do I move my Spectrum service to a different address?

Find contact information here to schedule a service transfer.

Where can I find Spectrum’s email login?

Use Webmail to sign in to your Spectrum email account.

Does Spectrum have accessibility resources?

Spectrum provides a list of accessibility resources on its Accessibility Options web page. You can also call for more information.

Is Spectrum available in my area?

Spectrum internet is available in parts of 41 states. Enter your zip code below to see what’s available to you.

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Contact Spectrum Customer Service (2024)
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