Abandoned - Walkthrough, Tips, Review (2024)

Here, have a walkthrough.

In the beginning...

Move left, like the directions say. You sheep.

Collect the knob on the ground. Click it in your inventory to pick it up, then again to put it back. You've got a key in your inventory, and a piece of paper. Click the paper to read the note, which is from your brother and explains the key. That's nice of him. Go back to the right.

Take the stick from the right-hand dragon statue.

Drag the stick over the knob in inventory to combine them into a mighty hammer.

Move right and use your new hammer on the gong.

Back to the left, and now there are indentions in the cliff face. Click each one, then the top of the screen to climb.

No, you just have to click any one of the indentions on the new screen, not all of them. Do that, then click up to keep climbing. Repeat that, and then you're standing beside a lake.

Can't go forward, so go right. It's a door, but there's no handle. Go left twice. Another door, and this one has a handle, but it's locked. See if that key you started the game with will work. It does, so open the door and stroll on through.

The mine

Now you're in a mine. The door in front of you takes you back to the lake, and there's no good reason to do that. You just got here, after all. The only other thing to see is a mine cart that's missing a wheel. Look in the mine cart and take the oiler. Nothing else here, so back up.

Left is blocked, so head right. There's a switch that does nothing and a bricked-up door, so keep going right.

A manhole cover in the middle of the tracks seems dangerous, but it's locked anyway. There's a rock hovering in midair. That's odd. Go right.

Take the pick from the wall. The can mounted to the wall drips oil, and as luck would have it, you have an oiler in your pocket. Use it on the red can to fill the oiler. Right again.

Apart from the hovering rocks (that's weird, right?) there's a big honkin' pile of dirt in your way, so it might be a good time to backtrack. Before you do, take the note from the wall. It's available in the papers in your inventory, and is also from your brother. Back to the left a few times, to the bricked-up door.

Use your pick on the bricked-up door. After all, if you weren't meant to go in there, someone wouldn't have covered it over with bricks and mortar. Go on in.

Oh lovely. A skeleton. And a wheel. And a light fixture with a light bulb. Well, take the wheel anyway. Might be able to use it on the cart. Speaking of the cart, go there.

Use the wheel on the cart, and just for good measure, use the oiler on it as well. Go right.

Use the switch, and heaven help you if you were standing on the tracks as the cart SCREAMS past you, and then crashes violently into something. Something dirt-shaped, if I had to guess. But let's head back to the left to see what's there.

A big red button with no label. Of *course* you should push it. What's the worst that could happen? Besides, that, I mean. Push it. See, just a ladder. Go up, and up, and up, and up.

You're in a room with a door that, of course, is locked with a four-digit code. Some weird-looking symbols in that code. There is a note on the wall that you can take. It's from your brother, after all. Also, a lighter in the leftmost alcove.

Come back down the ladder one time. There's an odd block on the right wall. Use your pick on it to reveal a strange shape that looks kind of like a lowecase u. Click it to light it up - you've found secret 1/4. Come all the way back down the ladder and back to the big dirt pile.

What big dirt pile? Looks like the mine cart cleared the way. Go right to see what you can see.

Out of the mine

You're outside, at least. Go right, see more hovering rocks and a light fixture over a grate. This is not normal. Go right two more times and you'll see a stone ladder hovering in midair. We'll come back to that in a minute. Go right again.

There you see your fourth stone with light fixture over a grate. Going right one more time and you see the hovering stone, but no grate and no light fixture on the bottom. Click the bottom edge of the stone, we're going to get to the bottom of this. Oh. An upside-down h. That clears everything up. Click it to find secret 2/4. Back up, and go right again.

Another ladder. Definitely climb down this. As you do. A note from your brother on the left, which you should take, and if you keep going down, you'll come to a grate on the left. You can go right here, and you should (I'm going to, anyway), and you find more ladder. Go down this one, see another wall grate, and it's the end of the line. This one has screws, though. Keep that in mind in case you ever find a screwdriver. There's always a screwdriver in these games. Back up, and back to the stone ladder. Climb up it.

After going up four times, you'll see platforms to the left and right, and the ladder continues up. Go left twice.

Here you see a stand, and a cube in the air. Weird how this doesn't even surprise you anymore. Go all the way to the right.

It's a locked door, with a rectangular recess to its right. Also, a key. We like keys. The only thing we've seen locked so far has been the manhole cover, so head back there.

The basem*nt

Use the key on the manhole, and try to open it. Go on. I'll wait. Now that you've finished embarrassing yourself, click the teensy tiny circle on top of the locking mechanism to remove the pin. Now you can move the manhole cover, and drop down into the manhole proper.

From here it's either go back up (silly) or go right (sensible). Go right, since you're nothing if not sensible, following your brother into a strange disconnected door in the wilderness notwithstanding.

Keep going right. There's nothing like a stroll through the sewers to strengthen the constitution. When you come out, the first thing you see is a big red button. It does nothing, disappointingly. Neither do the next three in each of the next three screens to the right, but those grates in the ceiling are probably the same as the ones below those floating stones from before. Go right again, and drop down into the open trapdoor.

The sub-basem*nt/air ducts, light bulb #1

First thing's first, the wall on the left looks odd. And what do we do with things we don't understand? We hit them with our picks. This time, it opens up a door to a hidden room. Go on in.

There are no skeletons in this hidden room, but there's an eyebrow on the wall. Click it for secret 3/4. Fine, it's a lowercase n. Whatever. Go back to the passageway, and go down.

Grates to your left and your right. Down again.

You can go left or right here, but right is the correct answer. Take the screwdriver, and see the grate on the right wall - you have to wonder if this and the grate above you have anything to do with the ones you saw outside, down those ladders. Go left three times.

Go down here. Take the funny brick from the wall on the right. No secret behind here, but maybe you can use the brick for something. Something rectangular. You can take the light bulb as well, for light bulb 1/4. Head back up.

Go left, and...there's not much here right now. You can knock the lower-right corner off of the fancy wall art, and see that you need a gear, but you don't have a gear. You do have a screwdriver though, so head back to the grate that's down the ladder.

Use the screwdriver here to remove the grate. Climb inside - look familiar? Now you've got options in here. You can't do anything new in here yet though, so go back to the locked door that's up the stone ladder.

The color cube, light bulb #2

Use the stone on the rectangular opening beside the door. Things light up, the door opens, and you go inside. There's a hologram of a cube floating above most of a pyramid. One of the blocks (the teal one, for the non-colorblind) has a square on it. That probably matters. Go right.

What do we have here, but a gear just sitting there. Take it, and the door opens. Before you go in, click the large decorated stone on the right-hand wall and peek inside. Click the lowercase h for secret 4/4. Now, back up and go into the door you just opened.

Doors to your left, front, and above, and a button on the rear wall. If you go through one of the doors, the view changes somewhat. After a little exploring, you realize (I hope) that you're in a 2x2x2 cube, just like the one floating above the pyramid base. Come back out and let's have a look at that color cube again.

If you're stuck, go to the left as far as you can, then go down as far as you can, then click the bottom of the screen to back up until you're back in the stone room.

Back at the color cube, the one with the square on it would seem to be the door. From there, you should be able to work out which room corresponds with which color. Head back into the rooms, and set the colors. Colorblind instructions are included.

Color cube

In the first room, set the color to teal by clicking the button by the door eight times. Go right.

Set this room to green by clicking five times. Go forward.

Set this room to yellow by clicking six times. Go left.

Set this room to pink by clicking three times. Go up.

Set this room to purple by clicking seven times. Go right.

Set this room to orange by clicking four times. Click the bottom of the screen to back up.

Set this room to red by clicking two times. Go left.

Finally, set this room to blue by clicking one time.

Go down, then back up to return to the stone room. Nothing's changed here, so go left.

Light bulb 2/4 awaits you for your troubles. Take it, and return to the room with the fancy wall art.

Back to the sub-basem*nt

Install the gear, and...well, here goes nothing. Click the wall art to turn it. Something must have happened - go right three times to see what it is.

There's a grate that wasn't there before. How are you to get out? Luckily you opened up the grate earlier, so here's some of those options going to work for you. Head right and out the grate.

Climb up the ladder, and the grate one story up is also missing now. Neat. Let's go inside and see what else is new.

Train station

What else is new is the grate to the left is gone as well. Go that way three screens, and there's an opening above you, so naturally we should look in there.

We get four sliding knobs, a handle we can push in and out, and a green screen. Clicking on the green screen, it's a security camera to a subway train. This isn't Five Nights at Freddy's, so you can stare at the camera all you want and nothing's going to happen. But now we know this is a train control station. Back up and drop down into the crawlspace again and continue left, and then down.

It's the very same view as in the security camera. A dark, abandoned train, deep underground. Two screens to the left is a note from your brother (your dear sainted mother wishes he would write her this often). Go one screen back to the right from the note.

The doors on this car are opened ever-so-slightly, but unlike every other door in this game, you have to drag these open. Do that, and you're awarded a pair of binoculars. Head to the right four screens.

Another red button here, which does nothing. A screen to the right is a flatbed cart and a handbrake that won't move. If you explore further to the right, the tunnel disappears into complete darkness, and your lighter is no help at all. So come on back, and we'll put those binoculars to good use.

Top of the stone ladder

Go back to the stone ladder, up to the first set of platforms, and all the way to the left. The binoculars go in the stand. If you take a peek through them, you see a closeup of the cube, and a pattern of four lines and shapes that look an awful lot like what you saw in the train control station. Before we go back there, let's see what's at the top of the stone ladder.

A floating cube and a puddle of black goo, that's what. To the left and right are switches that do nothing. If you click the cube, it begins to vibrate first vertically, and then horizontally if you click it again.

When the cube is vibrating the switches do as well. Click the cube so it's vibrating vertically, strongly (it has a weak vibration in either direction, but you want the larger one). Throw the right switch, and it stays. Click the cube to make it vibrate horizontally, then throw the left switch. If it doesn't stay down, click the cube again and try again.

When both switches are down, the cube will begin to blink. Click it again, and it opens to reveal a cube, which of course you are going to take. Go back to the train control station.

Back to the train station

Set the sliders, left to right, according to the pattern from the cube you saw through the binoculars: Top, Middle, Bottom, Middle. If they won't move, pull the handle beside the microphone out. Once the sliders are set, push the handle back in. Take a look at the screen to see what's changed.

Lights! Let's go down to the train and check them out.

Nothing to report to the left on the train, but the big red button works now. Press it. Nothing happens but the light turns green. Go right again and see if the handbrake works now.

It works, and you go for a right through the darkness. When you stop, you're in front of a doorway. Go in.

The sun tower, light bulb #3

It's a giant leaf, and a sort of torch on the wall. What do we do with torches? We light them. With lighters. The room lights up and reveals a ladder on the right. Always with the ladders. Go up three times.

Take the note. Continue up, to and beyond the enormous flower. To your left, a door. In front of you, another ladder. Since you're as burned out on ladders as I am, let's open the door and look inside.

You're in a small room, with a scorched-looking platform in the middle. Your new cube sits on the platform, which is a promising sign. Head back out of the room, and close the door, I don't care that you *were* born in a barn. We close doors around here, mister.

Up the ladder, you're in a small alcove, with a switch and a picture of the sun beside it. Being the adventurous sort, I think you should throw the switch.

If you shut the door, then you can open it and see what's inside. If you didn't, nothing happened, and you should close the door and try the switch again. Why you don't trust a walkthrough, I'll never know.

Inside, the cube has melted. The sun around here must be no joke. It's revealed light bulb 3/4, so take that. One more light bulb to go.

Light bulb #4

The only other one you've seen is in the (formerly) bricked-up door in the mine tunnel you started in. So go back there. Click the handbrake to ride back through the darkness to the train.

You can't just take the light bulb, naturally. There's a procedure. And a screw. That means...use your screwdriver to remove the shroud, then take light bulb 4/4.

The upstairs door

You'll be using the light bulbs in the floating stones just outside the mine's exit. I'll wait.

Back down the manhole in the mine, and to the basem*nt with the big red buttons we haven't pressed yet. Press them. Go ahead. You've earned it.

Each one lights up a symbol on the floor that looks like the ones from the locked door up that ladder beside the door you came in. Write those symbols down - a lowercase t, a hand making a pistol shape, a hand doing that sign that surfers did in the 80s, and three slashes. Well, back up the ladder.

At the door, if the symbols appear in numerical order, it's like entering in 10-8-6-3. When you get it right, the door opens. Go on through.

Almost finished

You're in a white room. In front of you is a door that will take you back where you came from. To the left is a door with those secret symbols above it. You can go through there and read more notes from your brother in each room, and a note from the developer.

All the way to the right is another note, and a door handle. Pick up the door handle.

The end

Head all the way back through the door in the mine to the lake, where the game began. Go back to the door to the right that lacked a handle, and use your new handle there.

Go through the door, and since you've found all the secrets already, click the middle to end the game.

Abandoned - Walkthrough, Tips, Review (2024)
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