20 Cookies That Will Make You Christmas Cookie QUEEN!!! (2024)

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Merry Second Day of Christmas! If you are anything like me, you already started thinking about Christmas a LOOOOOONG time ago, but you had to wait FOREVER to actually start because it was just too soon! Now that it is officially the second day of December, Christmas prep can finally get into full swing, and for that means every year, I get to make a TON of Christmas cookies to share with the world! Here today I shall be linking you to the cookie recipes that are MY personal favorites, and they just so happen to add up that magical number of 25! I Hope you enjoy…

1.Chocolate Chip Cookies

How else could I start a list of my favorite cookies WITHOUT a tried and true favorite??? These babies are awesome any day, but ESPECIALLY at Christmas time! If you want to make them a little more festive, you can substitute your morsels forTHESE, or if you are like me, and don’t really care for the taste of the colored morsels, just toss in a 1/2 cup ofChristmas Sprinklesand you will be on your way!


I Love Snickerdoodles!! There’s just something so delicious about biting into a soft, chewy, buttery cookie with a yummy hint of cinnamon… I’m about to go break into the batch I just made…. AHH! I leave these babies just how they are, I know they aren’t red or green, but they are classic and beautiful just how they are!


I love this recipe… it makes a PERFECT cookie EVERY time for me. (TIP: if you divide your dough ahead of time, you can make the exact 36 cookies the recipe calls for!)


These bad boys are like a brownie rolled into a cookie and at only 80 calories a cookie (when you make 48), you can’t beat that! This year, I am using melted butter instead of the cooking oil, so it may affect my calorie count just slightly (lol). I never skip these!


All right, so I have literally seen these called a MILLION different names, (or at least it seems like it), Italian Wedding Cookies, Russian Tea Cookies, Snowballs, Sandies, etc… but it all just boils down to, they are amazing. Sooooooo simple and easy to make, but so delicious! My own personal trick, coat in powdered sugar immediately after removing from the oven, let cool a little and coat again.


Before opening up my little custom cookie shop, I tried a ton of different Sugar Cookie recipes, and they all came down toTHISone by Sweetopia. The chilling time is important if you want clean edges, and don’t forget to pick up some cuteCookie Cuttersand some moreSprinkles!!


These cookies are a Christmas FAVORITE! Nowadays there are so many variations if you don’t want the traditional peanut butter and chocolate combo. Try theseChocolate Peppermint,Red Velvet,orCandy CaneKiss Cookies to add a little variety!


This was the first year I made these bites, and they are already a favorite! So tiny and cute and perfect to throw onto a cookie tray or just have when you don’t want a huge sugar overload. As an added bonus, SO easy to make, you won’t regret it!!


By my own admission, I have not made these cookies for quite a while. In my college years, they were a FAVORITE of all my classmates, so I made them very often. Today, I stuck to the simpler recipes, but these are like an old friend, never forgotten and always enjoyed!


What kind of Christmas would it be withoutRed & Green M&MCookies?!?!?! To avoid a huge chocolate overload, I prefer to throw inmini morselsinstead of thefull-sized morsels, but that is just my personal preference, these are delicious either way!!


These cookies are so delicious, it is almost sinful!! The ONLY problem them is I could easily eat the entire batch in one sitting, so I tend to not make them to avoid that!! These will absolutely be a crowd favorite!


Okay so just reading the name, you might be thinking “WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE???” Let me describe…. these are another cookie, like the Snowballs, that have a different name depending on your nationality, but no matter what name they have, they are DELICIOUS. A simple cream cheese butter cookie and this recipe gives 7 different fillings you can choose from, my personal favorite being the cream cheese filling, but ALL of them are delicious! Tip: I don’t fold into a pocket as shown on the recipe page. Instead, spread filling in a thin line between two opposing corners, then fold the corners in between inward towards each other.


In all fairness, these aren’t TECHNICALLY a cookie, I guess, but no cookie tray of mine is complete without them. Simple and easy, you can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate!


All right, all right, I know ANOTHER one that’s NOT a cookie… I’m sorry… these are included in my cookie tray too, so I have to share them here! Add a little holiday cheer to these babies with these AdorableMini Cupcake Liners!!


Christmas just isn’t Christmas without these cookies!! There are soooo many varieties to mix it up…Anise,Funfetti,Chocolate Chip,along withVanilla and Chocolatejust for starters! Before you whip up a batch of the dough be sure to pick up aPizzelle Iron,THISis the one personally use!!


These have been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl! My Aunt Donna was the Cookie lady when I was younger and ALWAYS made a ton of cookies for the holidays, including these, which were my personal favorite! I am pretty sure every one of them was gone by the time we left my Grandma’s every Christmas!


I made these cookies when I was operating a home bakery back east, and they are an absolute favorite of mine! I do not make them as much for my family because mint isn’t always a favorite of theirs, but these are so pretty and a nice festive addition to any cookie tray!


I found these beautiful cookies a few years ago when there wasn’t quite as much information readily available on the internet! My aunt asked if I made stuffed pizzelles, and I just happened to stumble across this recipe, and I am SO SO glad I did! Again, you will definitely need aPizzelle Ironto make these, and theseCookie Formsdefinitely come in handy!


Gingerbread cookies are a holiday must-have. Pair them with classic white frosting, and you have a eye-catching, crowd-pleaser!!!

20.Lady Locks (AKA: Clothespin Cookies/Cream Horns)

I have saved the very best for last… literally. These cookies are AMAZING. I have never had more requests for any other cookies but these, so be prepared… if you make these, your family and friends will never get enough, but that is NOT a bad problem to have!! Once filled, dip each end in holidaysprinklesto add a little festive flair!

No matter what cookies you do or do not make this Christmas season (even if it is NONE of mine), I hope you and your loved ones have a WONDERFUL holiday season! If you have a favorite recipes that you are willing to share, I would love to hear about it! Please leave a little note in the comments below, and as always, Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet!!

<3/ Jenn

20 Cookies That Will Make You Christmas Cookie QUEEN!!! (2024)
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